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  • Phone321-636-6666
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How to Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Four Communities Fire Department.    The FCFD is one of the only all-volunteer, first run Fire Stations in the County.   Unlike some volunteers that act mostly as backup or support for the paid firefighters, our volunteer firefighters are often first in, and first on scene.

This means that we expect a lot from our volunteers.   Only candidates that demonstrate a commitment to the FCFD and the best traditions of the Fire Service will succeed.

If you are interested in applying, come to the Fire Station any Tuesday night, between 18:30 (6:30pm) to 21:30 (9:30pm), which is our normal weekly training period, and one of the officers will assist you in processing your application.

Please click on this link to download the

<FCFD Volunteer Application>. 

Save it to you computer and fill out the Adobe Form electronically.  Then print and sign the application and bring it with you.

At this time, we are only accepting applications from Brevard County Residents, preferably who live within 10 to 15 miles of the Fire Station.
If you don’t live locally, you can find more information on volunteering at: <VolunteerFD.org>

Volunteer Firefighter Candidates must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be a resident of the local area
  • have a valid Florida Drivers license
  • be able to pass a criminal background check and drug screening
  • be willing and able to participate in physical training as well as firefighter and EMS training

Normal training is every Tuesday night from 18:30 (6:30pm) to 21:30 (9:30pm), and Firefighter Candidate Orientation may be scheduled on additional nights as needed.   Business meetings are on the last Tuesday of every month at 1900 (7:00 pm)

The FCFD is contracted by Brevard County Fire Rescue (BCFR) to provide services in it’s primary and backup run areas.   Therefore our volunteers must comply with FCFD and BCFR policies and processes.   The application and clearance process can take 2 to 3 months (or more), during which time your training will begin, and after you are cleared there is a probationary period during which your training will be advanced.

Volunteer Firefighters :

  • are provided with free training
  • are issued all required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • are covered by insurance and benefit policies while on duty
  • contribute to the community
  • develop skills, personal confidence and pride
  • gain valuable fire rescue experience
  • become part of a proud tradition and family of fire service

There are no dues or membership fees for Firefighters, but there are minimum participation requirements in order to remain an active Firefighter, including supporting the FCFD Corporation.

Minimum requirements to remain active are

  • 49 hours of duty per month (which include 9 hrs of training)
  • at least 2 overnight duty shifts per month
  • plus 75% of all training, fundraising and work details

(additional details available in our SOP and By-Laws)

Applicants and Candidates are STRONGLY urged to spend time at the Fire Station, during training, work details or when a crew is on duty, getting to know the active Firefighters, learning about the FCFD & our Standard Operating Guidelines, and familiarizing yourself with the apparatus and gear.

This is not a casual hobby, it is a way of life, and requires a strong personal commitment. Those who make that commitment will be rewarded not in money, but in that amazing feeling that only comes from helping other people.

The Steps to becoming a Volunteer Firefighter:

When you first walk in the door, you are considered an “Applicant”.
Firefighter Applicants must :

  1. Download, fill out, print and submit an <FCFD Volunteer Application>
  2. Complete an FCFD Officer’s Interview
  3. Submit a Brevard County Fire Rescue Application/Biographical Package, along with photo-copies of your Florida Driver’s License and Social Security Card.
  4. Pass a preliminary background check, and Driver History Check
  5. Be in good physical and psychological condition (firefighting can be physically and emotionally stressful and demanding)
  6. Attend as many FCFD activities as possible (training sessions and business meetings.)
  7. If you are not personally referred to the Department by a member in good standing, a Review Board may meet with the applicant to obtain any needed background information.

Once your BCFR package is submitted, and are you voted in, you are considered a “Candidate” until the County approval process is complete.

Firefighter Candidates must:

  1. Attend at least 75% of all training, Fundraisers, and business meetings scheduled.
  2. Pass the background investigation and drug test
  3. Upon County application approval, you need to be voted in by the FCFD active membership at the next regular monthly business meeting following the completion of your full application package. (This vote will be much easier if you have been around, and gotten to know the other members.)
  4. Obtain medical clearance
  5. Complete BCFR’s Blood Born Pathogens Training
  6. Complete BCFR’s Hazardous Materials Awareness Training
  7. Complete basic NIMS and ICS training
  8. Possess or obtain a valid CPR certification (AHA, Red Cross, ASHE, etc)
  9. You will then receive BCFR issued Firefighting gear commensurate with your training (Bunker Pants & Coat, Nomex Hood, Fire Boots, Fire Gloves, Fire Helmet, Fanny Pack, Forestry Pants, Shirt and Boots, Goggles, etc)
  10. Once you have been cleared by Brevard County, and issued gear, you are considered a “Probational Firefighter”.

Probational Firefighters must:

  1. Complete Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) and maintain a clean driving record
  2. Complete Emergency Medical Responder, EMT or higher EMS training.
  3. Be an active Firefighter for at least 90 days (attend at least 75% of all training, Fundraisers, and business meetings scheduled.)
  4. Complete a National Wildland Coordination Group (NWCG) approved Wildland Firefighter Training Course (S130/S190)
  5. Complete Florida State Approved “Firefighter 1” or Firefighter Minimum Standards (Fire II) training and certification
  6. Demonstrate essential fire fighting skills
  7. Demonstrate complete mastery of the Fire Apparatus and all related gear
  8. Demonstrate the ability to lead and supervise a group of Probational Firefighters in Fire and Rescue scenarios.

Once you have completed these steps, the Chief, in consultation with the senior Officers, will decide when you will be taken off probation, and become a “Senior Firefighter”.  Typical probation periods are 3 to 12 months depending previous experience, and level of activity.
* Applicants and Candidates may be restricted from active participation in the more stressful physical training until such time as they have passed a physical examination, and possess the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
* Due to insurance regulations, Applicants and Candidates are not allowed to ride on Fire Apparatus or respond to emergency calls.
* Probational Firefighters may be restricted from certain advanced activities, and must have appropriate markings on their helmet.


If you want to help, but aren’t able or interested in becoming a Firefighter, we still need you!

You may want to become a support member.  Support Members:

  • perform important non-firefighting roles
  • help to guide and govern the Non-Profit Corporation that keeps the fire department functioning
  • may serve as corporate officer and/or committee members
  • help at fundraisers, and special functions
  • may choose to provide direct support services for firefighters, such as rehab at fire scenes (providing drinks, food and comfort during extended fire operations and training)
  • may choose to help with facilities maintenance, or help with our community education and awareness programs
  • become part of a proud tradition and family of fire service

Applicants are urged to attend meetings, spend time at the Fire Station during training, work details or when a crew is on duty, getting to know the active Firefighters, learning about the FCFD & our Standard Operating Guidelines, and familiarizing yourself with the workings of the FCFD.

The Steps to becoming a Support Member:

  1. Download, complete, print and submit an <FCFD Volunteer Application>
    2. Meet with a Recruiting Officer or Board Member for Orientation
    3. Pass a Background check/investigation
    4. Attend a Business Meeting, and be introduced to the membership
    5. Complete a Review Board interview immediately following the Business Meeting
    6. Be voted in with a two-thirds majority at the next regular meeting
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